JAZZ FITNESS – Easy to follow fully choreographed routines to a variety of music; 45 minutes of non-stop aerobics followed by 15 minutes of toning with floor exercises; a wonderful workout, especially combined with Body Sculpting.

BARRE SCULPTING-A ballet barre is used as well as hand-held weights, ball & mat to tone your muscles to a longer, leaner body. It will combine interval training, isometric exercises and stretches to sculpt your muscles. The muscles will be targeted to the point of fatigue, and then stretched for relief. As a result, you will see greater changes faster.

CARDIO TAP-Who hasn’t always wanted to tap! The class will start with a short, slow explanation of various basic tap steps followed by a tap warmup. You will then be taught a routine by the linking method. Your heart will know you’re exercising but you never will because you’ll just be having a great time. Tap shoes are preferred, but you are welcome to try the class without them. There are three different levels to suit your needs.

BEGINNER CARDIO TAP-This class will break down steps in more detail and repeat basic steps. This is geared toward the novice dancer/exerciser. You will still get a great cardio workout and can join the Cardio Tap class when you feel comfortable.

BALLETIC STRETCH & TONE-A very simple ballet barre to tone and strengthen muscles, followed by a great stretch, basic ballet exercises will then be done center floor; find out dancers’ secrets to those tone bodies.

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